The Sustainable & Natural Solution for Retrofit & Fire Safety – by Keim

Date: Thursday, 23 November 2023    Time: 13:00 - 20:00 GMT   Location: Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH

ASBP member, Keim Mineral Paints, present talks highlighting the importance of retaining the original building structure during refurbishment, as well as the fire safety and performance of the KEIM Mineral Paints product range.

KEIM experts will be at Unit 301 from 13:00-20:00 and presenting two presentations throughout the afternoon:
15:00 & 17:30  How the A2-s1, d0 fire classification is changing the paint industry, with Paul Milligan
16:00 & 18:30 KEIM Mineral Paints: The Sustainable & Natural Retrofit Solution, with Anton Boekhoudt

Thursday, 23 November 2023 at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH
Free to attend, reserve your place here.



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