SEDA Land: Imagining a Fossil-Fuel-Free Future

Date: Friday 5th April 2024   Time: 13:00 - 15:30 (tbc)   Location: Online

The Scottish Ecological Design Association hosts an online roundtable discussion on the bioeconomy in Scotland – obstacles and how to overcome them.

“Imagining a Fossil-Fuel-Free Future” is a roundtable discussion with the aim of identifying the obstacles facing bioeconomy start-ups in Scotland and how these might be overcome, with particular reference to Scottish Government policy and incentives. We will hear from successful bioeconomy players as well as new start-ups (even ones that are considering relocating to the EU), and learn how the Republic of Ireland and Scandinavia are leading the way in terms of policy. We will also be covering the value chains a bioeconomy can bring including well paid jobs in rural areas.

Panellists include ASBP members Neil Sutherland (MAKAR) and Sam Baumber (IndiNature) who will be joined by Lucy Filby (Land & Forestry Transition, SOSE), Kirsty Black (Arbikie), William Clark (Scottish Forestry), Sally Gouldstone (Seilich), Des Cave (Beta Bugs),  Rhianna Rees (SSIA),  John Ennis (Flax Futures), and David Miller, Wendy Russell & Pete Iannetta of the James Hutton Institute.

More information and booking details via the SEDA website.


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