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How can we make building sustainable with the help of sustainable building materials?

Architects, building materials experts, manufacturers and natureplus will explore this question in the web seminar series “Building materials of the future – How classics and newcomers are changing building sustainably”.

The six webinars will take place in German and English from 16th April to 8th July 2021 with a variety of inspirational speakers. The full programme of speakers can be seen here.

Together with experts from the scientific community, we will shed light on versatile materials and innovative building product solutions. Architects will show with concrete application examples how climate and resource-friendly and thus sustainable building can already be done today. In addition to wood, brick and clay as versatile “classics”, fascinating “newcomers” such as bamboo, secondary building materials and other surprising building materials will be discussed. 

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Button links through to natureplus website. When booking via natureplus’ Eventbrite booking process, you can switch the language from German to English by scrolling to the bottom of the page when choosing your ticket type.

Events schedule:

Please note –  all times are displayed in central European summer time

Webinar 1: WOOD
16th April, 10:00-12.40 CEST (presentation language German)

Webinar 2: BRICK
30th April, 10:00-12:20 CEST (presentation language English)

Webinar 3: CLAY
21st May, 10.00-12:20  CEST (presentation language German)

Webinar 4: BAMBOO
4th June, 10.00 -12:20 CEST (presentation language English)

18th June, 10.00-12:20 CEST (presentation language German)

8th July, 16.00-18.40 CEST (presentation language English)

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