LYA: Timber, can we too? – The Race to Zero

Date: Wednesday 21st July   Time: 18.30-20.00   Location:

LYA – Liverpool Young Architects –  host French and UK architects to discuss the feasibility of using timber/bio-based materials for future sustainable construction, including Joe Giddings from the Timber Accelerator Hub. 


About this event

we use 50% natural material / BOIS
TIMBER / can we too?

From 2022, in France, it is proposed that, all new public buildings are to be built from at least 50% timber/bio-based materials, to align with the French Government’s zero carbon sustainability agenda, announced in 2020.

Will we be ready to replace 50% of our homes, offices, towers and towns?

To better understand what this means, we have invited Stéphane from National Council of the Ordre des Architectes, to discuss how the CNOA have lobbied the government and how this regulation was created. In conjunction with Stéphane, we will also speak with Julie, an elected architect to the council to explore how this is affecting architects in France. From the UK, we have invited Kat, Sustainability & Regenerative Design Manager at dRmm, a sustainability-driven architecture practice and Joe, the Project Director for the UK’s Timber Accelerator Hub, to explore if it’s feasible to do the same in Britain.

We have so many questions for them, grab a drink and join us on this new branch of construction history for a net zero carbon United Kingdom.

We will be introducing our speakers in the upcoming days, so keep your eyes peeled on out Instagram page!

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Speakers will also be taking questions on the night.


Wednesday 21st July 2021

6:30 – 8:00pm

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