Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Non-Domestic Buildings

Date:    Time: 12:30 - 17:45   Location:

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12:30-13:00 Registration (Coffee/tea provided)

13:00-13:05 (5’) Chairman’s Opening Welcome: Dr Hywel Davies (CIBSE Technical Director)

Session 1

Chair: Dr Benjamin Jones (Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham Department of Architecture & Built Environment)

13:05-13:45 (40’) Dr Pawel Wargocki (Associate Professor, International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy DTU Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark)

How Poor Indoor Environmental Quality Affects Performance in Work Environments and Educational Buildings 

13:45-14:00 (15’) Dr Sani Dimitroulopoulou (Senior Environmental Scientist, Air Pollution and Climate Change Group, Environmental Change Department, Public Health England, PHE)

Health Effects of Exposure to Air Pollutants in Indoor Environments

14:00-14:10 (10’) Dr Marcella Ucci (Senior Lecturer, Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering UCL IEDE at The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment)

The Risk of Performance Gap and the Need for New Professional Skills 

14:10-14:25 (15’) Q&A and Discussion

14:25-15:45 (20’) Coffee break

Session 2

Chair: Dr Paraskevi Vivian Dorizas (Lead KTP Associate in Low Energy Ventilation Systems, University College London/ IEDE UCL)

14:45-15:05 (20’) Mr Richard Daniels (Education Funding Agency, Environmental Engineer)

Design for Indoor Environmental Quality in Schools

15:05-15:20 (15’) Dr John Mardaljevic (Professor, School of Civil & Building Engineering, Loughborough University)

Good Daylighting Design and Productivity 

15:20-15:30 (10’) Dr Francesco Anselmo (Lighting Designer, Arup)

Lighting and Wellbeing a Case Study

15:30-15:45 (15’) Dr Peter Rutherford (Associate Professor, Head, ePaD Research Group Department of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Nottingham)

Acoustics, Health and Wellbeing in Health Care 

15:45-16:00 (15’) Q&A and Discussion

16:00-16:20 (20’) Coffee break

Session 3

Chair: Dr Julie Godefroy (Sustainability consultant, Member of CIBSE, Chartered Engineer with Energy Institute)

16:20-16:40 (20’) Mr Kostas Poulopoulos (Partner & Director, SQ1 Design Strategies)

The Scandinavian View, a Case Study

16:40-16:55 (15’) Mr Ed Garrod (Principal, Head of Sustainability + Integrated Design, Elementa Consulting)

WELL- Kicking the Tyres

16:55-17:10 (15’) Mr Alan Fogarty (Partner, Cundall)

WELL Building Standard, a Case Study

17:10-17:20 (10’) Mr Kevin Chapman (UK Head of Offices at Lendlease)

The Business Case

17:20-17:35 (15’) Q&A and Discussion

17:35-17:40 (5’) Closing remarks: Dr Martin Liddament (Chair of CIBSE NVG)

17:40-20:00 Networking and Refreshments

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