Free Webinar and Q&A: Foamit foam glass aggregates and their use in limecrete floors

Date: Tuesday 28th February 2023   Time: 11.30 - 12.15   Location: Online (MS Teams)

Womersleys Ltd invite you to hear about the advantages of Foamit foam glass aggregates and the use of Foamit to create Limecrete floors in older buildings in the UK.

This is a free webinar with the opportunity to submit questions in advance and a live Q&A session during the event. The webinar is open to anyone to attend whether your role is in structural engineering, architectural work, construction or DIY.


  1. Video presentation (20 minutes) What is a Limecrete Floor?
    Breathable, insulated and limecrete floors have become quite common in the UK and this webinar will help you understand how to apply a limecrete floor in an old building. We will also explain why there is a need for ground floors in older buildings to be breathable.
  2. Processing of preliminary questions (leave us your question in the registration form)
  3. Live Q & A session with Ian Womersley Director Womersley’s Ltd and Foamit business managers Samuli Lamppu and Henry Rawstorne from Finland.

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