Cornish Lime CPD Series

Date: Tuesday 29th November 2022-Tuesday 28th March 2023   Time: 13:00-14:00   Location: Online


As experts in the field of lime-based and associated products, Cornish Lime believes it is their responsibility to pass on that knowledge to both trade professionals wishing to know more about traditional building materials, and members of the public wanting to have a wider knowledge of what is the best renovation solution for their historic or traditional property. Cornish Lime have been running very successful CPD sessions for a number of years, with a whole series of free online sessions coming up.

Breathable Paints & Mortars

This free 1-hour CPD explains the breathability of paints and mortars and their performance.

Often seen first but thought about last, how you paint a building can be an essential part of protecting or improving a building’s performance and appearance.

Available dates: 17th January 2023 and 13th March 2023

Cost: Free


Insulating Older Buildings 

This free 1 hour CPD provides information on the insulation of older buildings.

Moisture is one of the biggest issues facing UK and European buildings. Whether it be causing damp in homes and commercial buildings or decay and structural issues in heritage properties, problems with moisture and poor insulation can be a costly and time-consuming problem.

Available dates: 1st December 2022, 5th January 2023, 2nd February 2023, 2nd March 2023

Cost: Free


Lime in Building

An essential starting point for understanding how lime can be used in building.

We look at the historic context, the importance of breathability in older buildings, the limitations and dangers of cement and how to correctly apply and protect lime mortars and plasters.

Available dates: 29th November 2022, 15th December 2022, 31st january 2023, 28th February 2023, 28th March 2023

Cost: Free



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