Climate Action Relay

Date: Monday 13th September 2021 - Sunday 31st October 2021


The next UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, is being held in Glasgow at the beginning of November. This is an opportunity for action. Not just for the countries and delegates attending. But for all of us to challenge what we, and what the construction industry, can do.

Stride Treglown in England and Wales, TODD Architects in Northern Ireland and Ireland, and Keppie in Scotland have joined forces to host an eight-week programme of free events counting down to COP26.

Starting in Cornwall and ending in Glasgow, each of our offices will host a week of provocation and inspiration, through debating and doing, in collaboration with local organisations.


Booking avaialble throough the Climate Action Relay website.



10th September
South West beach and foreshore cleans with WWA
A beach near us!
We’re getting our hands dirty to clean our shores. Be inspired

13 September – 19 September, week 2, Cardiff, online and in-person
The Relay jumps the Severn and the border into Wales. We share 10 years of living with a carbon neutral building and learn to ‘be more squirrel’.

14th September 13.00-14.00, online
Demystifying your carbon footprint
How to calculate your company’s carbon inventory and produce figures for your annual report.

15th Septemher 13.00-14.00, online
Lessons learnt from one of the UK’s first carbon neutral buildings
Find out how Stride Treglown’s self-built carbon neutral Cardiff office has really performed.

16th September 13.00-14.00
Creativity and community for a greener, fairer future
Be more squirrel! Support for you and your business to take action on the climate emergency.

17th September 
Upcycling with Grange Pavilion Community Centre
Grange Pavilion
An engagement workshop with Grange Pavilion’s Gardening Group.

20 September-26 September, week 3, Bristol, online and in-person
The relay stops at Stride Treglown HQ. Expect real talk on real estate, a guided walk on the wild side and a legendary race re-enacted.

22nd September 12.00-14.00, Clifton Downs
What impact will climate change have on Bristol’s tree network and how would the city benefit from the Forest of Avon Trust’s initiatives like ‘Trees for Climate’?
Join us for a guided walk around Clifton Downs and Avon Gorge hosted by Alex and Jack from the Forest of Avon Trust.

27 September-03 October, week 4, Bath, online and in-person
Halfway to COP26. Will the UNESCO World Heritage Site slam the brakes on climate action? Quite the opposite it turns out…

27th September 13.00-14.30, online
‘Biodiver-city’ Are we doing enough to green our cities?
Join the debate with our panel of experts.

28th September 13.00-14.00, online
From niche to mainstream – have cultivated biomaterials come of age and should the building industry be urgently embracing them?
Are grown materials the future?

30th September 13.00-14.00, online
Vision for a Zero Carbon Britain
Green energy pioneers Ecotricity share their inspiring story.

01st October 13.00-14.00, online
Designs for positive provocation
How can designers use the immediacy and impact of the physical nature of their work to inspire, influence behaviour and generate change?

4th October-10th October, week 5, Winchester and London, online and in-person
England’s ancient capital meets its modern equivalent. But it’s the action to save our future that matters.

11th October-17th October, week 6, Birmingham and Manchester, online and in-person
The relay moves north. Two big cities tackle the big climate issues, together.

18th October-24th October, week 7, Belfast, online and in-person
Over the Irish Sea. Expect some reflections on Todd Architects working practices and a Northern Ireland focussed construction industry debate.

25th October-31st October, week 8, Glasgow, online and in-person
The relay approaches the finish line: COP26. Keppie host a week of thinking and doing in a city ready for big change.


Booking avaialble throough the Climate Action Relay website.


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