Built by Nature webinar: Valuing Construction-Stored Carbon

Date: Tuesday, June 25 2024   Time: 1300-14:30   Location: Online

Construction-stored carbon (CSC) valuation is increasingly discussed within the real estate industry and by policymakers at regional, national, and European levels as a potential incentive for the use of timber and biobased materials, as substitute for carbon-intensive materials. We have seen rapid developments in the last two years, but we are still at the early stages of adoption. Many questions remain unanswered, and controversy around carbon offsetting adds complexity. The webinar will unpack the basics of construction-stored carbon valuation, and explore its opportunities and challenges from both policy and practical perspectives.

During this session, Climate Cleanup will provide a deep dive into the topic and its main barriers and opportunities, followed by a review the EU Carbon Removals Certification Framework under development and discuss the main open questions around construction-stored carbon credits with Sevim Aktas, Policy Officer at DG CLIMA.

Practical considerations from the developer side will be covered as we hear from Ballast Nedam and their approach to CSC valuation in their Natuurhuizen project in Heeze, the Netherlands. ICAWOOD will also share insights on the Label Bas Carbone in France. The economic and governance similarities and differences of these projects will lead into a panel discussion with Stephanie Carlisle, Research Affiliate at the Carbon Leadership Forum.


  • Sevim Aktas, Policy Officer at DG CLIMA
  • Sacha Brons, Head of Construction Stored Carbon, Climate Cleanup Foundation
  • Rosa Bos, Developer, Ballast Nedam
  • Laurence Desmazieres, Managing Partner, ICAWOOD
  • Stephanie Carlisle, Carbon Leadership Forum
  • Frank Vasek, Head of Carbon Solutions, Timber Finance

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