Built by Nature: New Model Buildings – Can We Build Timber Neighbourhoods Across the UK?

Date: Wednesday 27 March 2024    Time: 12:00-13:30 GMT   Location: Online

Is it possible for us to construct housing at scale in a way which makes a positive contribution to communities and mitigates negative impacts on the climate and nature?

A remarkable project in Lewes, East Sussex, by ASBP member, Human Nature, aims to show us how. Clarissa Bromelle & Andy Tugby from Human Nature will present their plans for 700 new dwellings and a host of cultural and community functions, which have recently gained planning permission from the local council.

The webinar will also look at denser urban environments. In London up to 90% of new homes are flats; multi-storey housing blocks at the density required for cities. Policies and regulations at a national and local level make it challenging to deliver this type of housing using timber, so how can we deliver multi-storey housing using timber, without compromising on building safety?

To answer this question Alastair Ogle from Waugh Thistleton Architects and Professor Jose Torero from University College London will deliver an in-depth presentation of the New Model Building. The New Model Building, a project by Waugh Thistleton, Buro Happold, UCL & Gardiner & Theobald, was published in 2023 to establish a new design methodology for 6-storey residential buildings built using mass timber. The publication includes a full suite of construction details and design strategies, enabling stakeholders across the industry to

The presentations will be followed by a wide ranging panel discussion taking in the views of leading developers, policy makers & designers, who will explore the potential impact that all of this might have on residential development in the UK over the coming years.

This event is part of the Built by Nature webinar series, a monthly initiative designed as a forum for the Built by Nature Network.

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