AECB webinar: Retrofit Step-by-step by Tim Martel

Date: Thursday, 11th January 2024   Time: 12:00 - 13:00   Location: Online

A free webinar with Tim Martel, Programme Manager for the AECB Standards and Certification Scheme, and Expert Advisor for the AECB Retrofit course.

The AECB has long been an organisation supporting the Fabric First approach to retrofit, so how is it that it now has an approach to retrofit that is essentially a Heat Pump with minimal insulation? The AECB calls this a Step 1 retrofit, and it is part of the “Retrofit Step-by-Step” approach.

Tim will be explaining why the AECB includes this method in the context of its other standards and how it is achieved. He will cover what aspects of the design ensure that the ASHP running cost is affordable, and go into some detail about the tools used. There will be some examples and plenty of time for questions.

Details and booking information via the AECB website.

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