ACAN webinar: Managing Moisture with Natural Materials

Date: Monday, 26th February 2024   Time: 19:00-20:30   Location: Online

The next event from a series of webinars by the Natural Materials Group of the Architects Climate Action Network. With Gloria Lo, Principal & Owner of OiSA Designs; Florence Collier, Founder & Owner of Humblebee, and part of the The Positive+ Collective (a collaboration between changebuilding, humblebee and Perpendicular Architecture); and, Toby Cambray, founder Director of ASBP member Greengauge Building Energy Consultants, and Doctoral Student at UCL (at the UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings).

The speakers will explain the reasons we need to consider the moisture occurs in buildings and within building elements, and how we can avoid these becoming a problem to the health of the occupants as well as the building fabric.  Their talks will be followed by a Q&A session.

Free to attend, bookings via Eventbrite.


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