2017 STBA/ SPAB Conference

Date:    Time: 9:30 - 17:00   Location:

This year’s STBA/ SPAB Conference we will explore a much broader agenda, based around three themes:

  • Context relates to the existing regulatory and policy framework for the built environment, but also to our understanding of sustainability – as most current definitions fail to include health or heritage and thus lead to false oppositions and unintended consequences.
  • Continuity highlights the importance of maintenance in achieving dry, healthy and functioning (i.e. sustainable) buildings, the recording and valuing of heritage on “low status” buildings, and reducing the risks of inappropriate interventions.
  • Change covers the work on responsible retrofit which STBA has championed since its inception. This year we will focus on windows and floors in addition to providing the latest evidence on solid wall insulation.

Simon Corbey will be discussing ‘Human Health – ventilation and materials for traditional buildings’ alongside Ian Mawditt, Fourwalls.

Click here to download a programme. To book, contact roger@stbauk.org.

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