Kendal Passivhaus

Project summary

This development consists of 126m2 two storey detached dwelling which has been certified to Passivhaus standards. The four-bedroom family home achieved an initial airtightness test result that was the second-best ever recorded in the UK at the time, 0.11 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals.

South-facing facade of dwelling

Use of natural fibre insulation

Gutex wood fibre insulation from Ecological Building Systems was used externally to the timber studs and full filled with cellulose fibre in between studs.  This allowed a U value of 0.103W/m2K to be achieved in the walls. The structure is also extremely moisture vapour diffusion ‘open’ with a high thermal mass (reducing the potential for summer overheating through the building envelope).

Use of timber

300mm timber I beams and Durelis Vapourblock specially designed air tight timber sheathing boards were also supplied by Ecological Building Systems for the project.

Project team

L-R: Trevor Lowis, Eden Insulation; Penny Randell, Ecological Building Systems and Andrew Yeats, EcoArc

Architect/ designer: Andrew Yeats, Ecoarc

Timber supplier: Eden Insulation (Timber Frame and factory insulated panels)

Builder/ contractor: Sam Nelson


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