Case Study - Highpoint Terrace

Project Summary

Highpoint Terrace is an 8-storey CLT building providing 115 social housing units for Peabody Housing Association which has been delivered by Eurban as part of MACE’s regeneration of the London Hotel site at Elephant and Castle.

The project was delivered in two phases simultaneously with the adjacent 47-storey concrete building, Highpoint Tower. Logistics of simultaneous delivery of the two buildings on the tight urban site made solid timber the most efficient solution in terms of cost, speed & health & safety. Eurban used advanced in- house DfMA methodology to develop 4D simulation including timed delivery sequencing that was shared in BIM & successfully implemented in real time.

A series of advanced CLT engineering solutions developed by Eurban helped to increase speed of delivery and refine the construction process. These include a castellated wall system, concrete upstand connections and a steel bracing system that connects three three-storey central cores. The three 3-storey CLT lift shafts were delivered to site pre-lined enabling safe access to the upper floors early in the construction process. The project also features the largest CLT floor panels to be used in the UK at 15.5m L x 2.75m W & weighing 4.7 tonnes.

Photo credit: EURBAN
Photo credit: EURBAN

Key facrs/highlights

  • 115 affordable units for Peabody Housing over 8 floors. A total area of 9,930m2
  • Building is just over 22m high (most floor to floor heights = 2800mm)
  • 7 week saving on programme when compared with alternatives
  • Far fewer deliveries when compared to concrete 64 rather than 250. This helps minimise Health and Safety Risks and pollution due to reduced traffic.
  • Reduction of number of operatives on site. Installed by a team of 8 rather than a team of 35 required for a concrete equivalent.
  • 70% less temporary works required for a CLT structure than a concrete structure
  • MACE calculated a 478K saving compared to alternative structural solutions of concrete or steel.


Key facts/information

Project name

Highpoint Terrace


Elephant and Castle

Project type (e.g. new build)

New build

Sector (e.g. social housing, private, mixed)

Social/Affordable housing For Peabody

Size/no. of dwellings

115 units mix of 1/2/3 bed apartments

Project stage (e.g. planning, design)


Key dates (e.g. start date, completion date)

Phase 1 Started Early 2016. Phase 2 completed 2017

Architect/designerRogers Stirk Harbour (concept) & Axis (delivery)

Concrete Engineer: AKT II

Timber Engineer: EURBAN

M&E: Aecom

Main Contractor: MACE

Timber Contractor: EURBAN

M&E Contractor: Halsion

Cladding Contractor: Prater

CLT Supplier: Stora Enso

Pod Supplier: Domczar

Highpoint Terrace and BIM

Highpoint Terrace was BIM level 2 project from conception, with coordination, delivery schedules and clash detection carried out in a 3D environment using federated models. With advanced in house BIM knowledge, Eurban were engaged by MACE to work as part of the consultant’s team prior to installing the superstructure. Both the consultant M&E design and the M&E sub-contractor package were co-ordinated with Eurban prior to CLT fabrication; this was a major benefit in terms of CLT co-ordination and eliminated the need for alteration to the CLT structure during M&E fit out.

Eurban’s BIM department also developed a 4D film which was used to inform follow on trades, sub-contractors and the site team of delivery times and showing the construction process and carried out full co-ordination with Rogers Stirk Harbour Architects at stage 4 holding weekly BIM workshops and providing several model iterations and teams of people to deliver it.

The 4D simulation & Timelapse including timed delivery sequence can be viewed below:

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