Greenfields School

Wyder Engineered Timber Systems chose the STEICO range of both structural products and natural insulations as the perfect integrated system for a range of ecological, sustainable and high performance school classroom buildings.

The classroom structures use Steico engineered I joists and Steicoglulam beams for both the floor and roof structure, and the building is fully insulated using the Steicozell wood fibre, which is injected into the panels under pressure to give excellent air-tightness and energy efficient performance. Internal walls are insulated with Steicoflex.

“The POD has made a fantastic nursery classroom. The ergonomic design provides us with a calm and peaceful environment. It looks good, is totally self-contained and its ecological credentials make a contribution in relation to the rest of the school being constructed in a 1960’s concrete panel system. The POD has provided the perfect solution for the additional classroom space that was needed”.

Helen Cook, headteacher of Greenfields School, Watford

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