Forest Row

The STEICO building system was used on this private residential project for its environmentally sustainable properties as well as its ability to provide a comfortable and healthy internal climate.

The use of wood fibre insulations, along with the STEICOjoist, provided the perfect combination of low U values, high summer heat protection and reduced thermal bridging through the structure. A 220 mm STEICOjoist was used for the walls and a 300 mm SEICOjoist for the roof in conjunction withan 80 mm STEICOspecial external insulation. This combination helped to achieve U values as low as 0.13 [W/(m²*K)] and 0.11 [W/(m²*K)] respectively.

“We wanted to use a product that was not only quick and easy to install, but also provided us with a building fabric that helped to regulate the internal climate. In that respect the building works really well, as we are not only kept warm during the winter but it also provides us with respite from the heat during the hottest summer days.”


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