Tara Green

"A modern 3 bedroom, split level home set into native woodland on the periphery of Kinloss golf course. The house is designed as a contemporary, 1½ storey home, with narrow, well-proportioned gables. The house widens to form larger public rooms and to incorporate a car port. The roof extends to form a series of covered external spaces, connecting the house to the landscape. The gently sloping, pitched roof features a curved ridge which blends into the surrounding, undulating hills. The house nestles into the topography and blends into the landscape."

Neil Sutherland, MAKAR

Project location: Kinloss, Moray, Scotland

Building completion date: January 2018

Building size: 173m2

Construction type: Hybrid timber frame, exposed post & beam

Building use: Residential

Architect/designer: MAKAR (Scott Reid & Neil Sutherland)

Contractor: MAKAR

Consultants: Fairhurst (engineering), Korrie (renewables)

Ethics and transparency

Project highlight: The judges were particularly impressed with the project team's commitment to delivering high quality housing via ethical sourcing of materials and stimulation of the local workforce.

The house is built using an ecological specification (including a timber first policy) and a transparent supply chain that sources local renewable materials and components. Timber including Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, Scots pine and European larch is sourced from local sawmills, manufacturers and direct from growers, often located within a few miles of the company’s base.

The architects/contractors also seek to nurture long-term relationships and support the regional supply chain by working with suppliers based in the Highlands region of Scotland.

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