Larch Corner

Larch Corner

From its structure to its insulation, its cladding to its light fittings almost every fibre of this contemporary 3-bedroom single storey home has its origins in sustainably sourced timber – not only reducing emissions during processing and manufacture but curtailing carbon emissions during use. A certified Passivhaus accompanied by a 9.3 kWp photovoltaic array the house achieves Zero Carbon status.
As a celebration of the best modern timber engineering techniques, Larch Corner is a timber lover’s paradise that is nestled into the heart of the English countryside. In a time of climate breakdown, it not only shows how environmental damage can be minimised but offers a clear indication of how it can contribute to more restorative actions, whilst letting the human spirit soar.



Image credits: Mac Eye Projects


Project location: Upper Quinton, Warwickshire

Completion date: April 2019

Building size: 167m2 GIA

Construction cost: £448,395

Construction type: Cross-laminated timber

Building use: Residential

Building standard: Passivhaus certified


Architect/designer: Mark Siddall, LEAP

Client: Mick Woolley

Contractor: Andy Mackay, Mac Eye Projects

Consultants: Alan Clarke


Cross laminated timber (Novatop)
Engineered timber I-beams (Steico)

Woodfibre insulation (Pavatex and Steico)

Wood wax (OSMO)

Redwood timber triple glazed windows (Green Building Store)

Floor slab insulation
(Jackson Insulation)

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