Treetop Biopak wins the Judges vote in our Innovation Pitch event #2

The second ASBP Innovation Pitch event focused on sustainable packaging – aiming to reduce plastic waste in construction. After hearing three excellent pitches, and an indepth Q&A session, the Judges’ vote was in favour of Treetop Biopak. Amir Gross made the case for their compostable, biobased products that include shrink-wrap, cling-film, stretch-film and ahesive tape. As with all compostable materials, these products are designed to decompose, but are robust enough to provide a sustainable alternative to the usual plastic packaging in many instances.


The poll for the People’s Choice showed support for all three products but  The Magical Mushroom Company’s mycelium packaging pipped the others to the post. With Biohm‘s mycelium insulation as the outright winner of the first event, fungus is gaining interest as a sustainable alternative to plastics in construction. The Magical Mushroom Company’s product replaces the need for polystyrene packing that would end up in landfill.



The third product under the Judges’ scrutiny, was TrioLoop stretch hood film. Although this is a fossil-fuel based polyethylene product, the high level of recycled content greatly reduces the amount of virgin material used and offers a route for recyling of existing plastics.

We were particularly interested to hear that this is just a stepping stone in Trioplast’s progression towards more sustainable products in the future. We look forward to hearing about their TrioGreen fossil-free green polyethylene.


The recording of this event, as well as the three video pitches, will be available soon on the event page.


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