One Click LCA joins ASBP

We are pleased to welcome One Click LCA to our ever-growing Alliance.

At One Click LCA, we recognise the important role manufacturers can play in decarbonizing construction. Joining the Alliance is part of our continued commitment to removing the obstacles preventing them from doing so. Our vision is that even the smallest businesses should be able to measure, report and ultimately cut the carbon of their products for a more sustainable built environment. We provide guidance, support and affordable solutions like the One Click LCA Preverified EPD Generator and EPDs for Associations, which aim to make developing EPDs quicker, cheaper and more accessible to all. There is a wealth of low carbon construction knowledge and talent within ASBP and we are looking forward to working with our fellow Alliance members.

Libby Bounds, One Click LCA

“We are delighted to welcome One Click LCA to our Alliance. Calculating the impacts of construction products and buildings across their whole life cycle plays a vital role in decarbonising our built environment. One Click LCA is one of the leading providers of life cycle assessment, embodied carbon and Environmental Product Declaration tools, which we believe will be of real interest to our ever-growing membership. We look forward to working with One Click LCA in what will be another vital few years for climate action.”

Richard Broad, Projects & Communications Manager, ASBP

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