New embodied carbon guidance for social housing developers

New embodied carbon guidance for social housing developers, their design teams, contractors and suppliers has been published.

The guidance has been authored by ASBP board member Jane Anderson of ConstructionLCA Ltd, together with ASBP’s Technical Associate Katherine Adams. The guidance was commissioned by Woodknowledge Wales on behalf of the Home-Grown Homes project. 

This guidance has been written for those wanting to both increase their knowledge of Embodied Carbon in the housing sector and to understand how to reduce it. The target audience encompasses key stakeholders within Welsh social housing organisations including development and asset managers, their design teams, contractors and suppliers, but it also relevant to stakeholders throughout the UK.

Clear and authoritative guidance is provided on how to procure and undertake an Embodied Carbon assessment, what benchmarks can be set, tools that can be used and how Embodied Carbon can be reduced. Examples are provided to show how others have tackled Embodied Carbon within their organisations and projects, with a focus on housing. Where relevant, other guidance and useful information is signposted.



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