Green Building Store joins the ASBP

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products – Green Building Store.

Green Building Store are a specialist company with 25 years’ experience of working on low energy homes and buildings, and combine technical expertise with outstanding personal service and aftercare.


Green Building Store was founded 25 years ago on a profound commitment to improving the sustainability of construction.  We have pioneered innovative approaches to the use of materials and to the operational performance of buildings and have had an ongoing commitment to sharing and disseminating our knowledge.

For some years, our key focus has been on addressing operational energy through focusing on the building fabric.  We have consequently been at the forefront of promoting the Passivhaus standard, developing expertise and products and supporting and training the construction industry. 

Since our founding we have also been pioneering in the use of materials including introducing FSC certification into fenestration and radical approaches to timber preservation and finishing.

We recognise that climate change and ecological devastation are inextricably linked crises, and we are committed to reducing whole life carbon and ecological impact.  We recognise that part of this story is one of ‘sufficiency’ and that building products must therefore minimise resource use, be durable and easy to repair and maintain. 

We are excited to join the ASBP look forward to the opportunity to further develop our expertise through interaction with the ASBP and its members.

Chris Herring, Director, Green Building Store

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