Corksol joins the ASBP

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products – Corksol.

CorkSol are the exclusive distributors in the UK of Thermocork, an innovative natural cork render for new build and renovation projects.

Recommended by Kevin McCloud (presenter of TV’s Grand Designs), Thermocork offers an eco-friendly and high performance alternative to traditional renders.

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Corksol’s product is 100% sustainable and as a business we feel really passionate about sharing the sustainability message within the construction industry so when we came across ASBP we thought it was a really appropriate association to be a part of.

We are the UK’s leading distributor of cork-based coatings and provide a highly durable and 100% sustainable product which comes in a classic colour palette ensuring the project both looks good and has excellent technical performance.  It is a strong thermal insulator, has excellent sound insulation and is fire and water resistant as well as being flexible and breathable.

We were drawn to the six pillars that the ASBP recognise with regards to construction projects and one that is at the top of our agenda right now is health and well-being.  As well as being a product used for external render we have seen recent success when using our product to combat damp, mould and condensation problems internally.  As such issues can cause severe respiratory problems if people live in such conditions this is a problem that needs solving quickly with minimum impact to the building.  This can easily be achieved with Corksol’s product.

Jayne Adamson, Marketing & Communications Manager, Corksol

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