Calling all sales and marketing professionals! Get ‘Certified Carbon Literate’ for COP27

We have teamed up with specialist content marketing agency Hattrick to offer ASBP members an opportunity to be part of the world’s largest environmental learning event during COP27 this November.

ASBP member Hattrick is hosting the first Carbon Literacy Action Day training for sales & marketing teams in the built environment industry. Run over two half days, the course will finish on Monday the 7th November, the first day of COP27. On that day, delegates will conclude their training alongside hundreds of others across the globe.

In support of the Carbon Literacy Trust’s work, Hattrick is offering complimentary places to five lucky ASBP members to join the course on 4th and 7th November. The organisations quickest off the mark can nominate a sales or marketing professional within their organisation to sign-up and get Certified Carbon Literate – for free (saving £475), with other participants benefitting from a 20% discount.

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This is a great opportunity for businesses at the forefront of sustainability to support their sales and marketing teams to be more confident communicators. The course will bolster their understanding of what is happening to our climate and why net-zero is so important. They will get the low down of key terminology, industry buzzwords and how it’s all related.

Hattrick and ASBP recognise that while the race to ‘net-zero’, circularity and ever greener claims is on, many sales and marketing teams are worried about being called out by increasingly clued-up customers and stakeholders. Hattrick is delivering this accredited course as part of their own journey to help businesses in the built environment make sense of the science, jargon and misinformation clouding sustainability claims.

Upon completion of the course, attendees will be certified ‘Carbon Literate’ and will have benefitted from an opportunity to learn, collaborate and network with peers in an open and interactive environment. Everyone will come away with a plan for how to talk about their organisation’s environmental ambitions and achievements in a transparent and compelling way.

Hattrick runs open carbon literacy courses throughout the year and also delivers in-house training programmes alongside helping businesses stand out with compelling content in a very competitive market. Find out more at

What is the Carbon Literacy Action Day?

The second annual Carbon Literacy Action Day takes place on 7th November to coincide with Day 1 of the UN COP27 negotiations in Egypt. The Action Day will catalyse action on climate change through Carbon Literacy training, getting everyone involved in delivering positive action, to address climate change wherever they are.

The Action Day is fully inclusive and open to all, and will witness thousands of people from all walks of life, sectors, genders, ages and nations all around the world, participate and complete their days’ worth of Carbon Literacy training.

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