Built Environment Carbon Database consultation open

Find out more about the Built Environment Carbon Database (BECD) and how what will be the main source of data for carbon estimating and benchmarking in the UK construction sector is being designed and implemented, by downloading the white paper.

BECD is entering the consultation phase, and development is starting on the database software. The consultation will be key to establishing a database that collaboratively delivers the needs of the UK industry. The first part of this collaboration is to obtain feedback on the data structure of the entity-level database, i.e., the type of data that the database for buildings and infrastructure will collect. Future phases of consultation will cover the usability of the database, inputting data and of course how you can access data from the database.

The consultation on the data structure of the entity-level section of BECD is open. 

Please visit www.becd.co.uk/documents to view:

  • A document providing an overview of the entity-level database, its planned functionalities, and how the consultation will proceed
  • Two spreadsheets illustrating the data structure, with explanatory notes
  • A link to the online questionnaire to provide feedback

Please leave your feedback through the survey before 24/05/2022. 


Find out  more about BECD here.

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