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Draft Green Paper

The consultation period for this draft Green Paper is now open. The deadline for submitting responses is 30th September 2017.

Simon Corbey attended the second meeting of APPG for Healthy Homes and Buildings on 4th July, alongside many of our members; Stephanie Palmer, Wienerberger; Andy Mitchell, NBT; and Leigh George, Allergy UK. A number of colleagues from UKIEG were also present and Isabella Myers presented on UKIEG’s latest report, Healthy Indoor Environments; Challenges for Policy Makers.

The agenda for this meeting was to discuss the role and purpose of the APPG and its objectives for the coming parliament. This includes the preparation for a Healthy Homes and Buildings Green Paper and a draft was circulated at the meeting and this will be open to consultation shortly.

We did not have sight of this document before the meeting, but a few things that were commented upon included the UKGBC ‘What makes a Healthy Home?’ infographic in the paper, which some thought needed improving as it was not people centric. If you know of any good infographics that summarise the indoor environment, please get in touch with Simon Corbey on as we are considering developing our own.

Jim Shannon MP opened with a welcome and a tribute to all the victims at Grenfell. Jade Lewis from St Gobain discussed the challenges and opportunities for healthy buildings and this theme was picked up by Keith Ritchie, BEAMA who discussed the cost and health implications. Michael Baugh gave us an introduction to Airtopia.

The minutes from the meeting are now available. Please see for more information about responding to the consultation.

Click here to download the draft paper

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