ASBP’s recommended books from 2017

We’ve picked out a few books published in 2017 that we recommend and think would make great presents this Christmas for those interested in sustainable architecture, low embodied carbon buildings and the circular economy.

100 Sustainable Scottish Buildings

Edited by Richard Atkins and Emily Stephen

This book from The Scottish Ecological Design Association is not a countdown of the top 100 most sustainable Scottish buildings ever built. The aim of the book is to showcase the widest possible range of projects where a sustainable design approach has been adopted in response to social, economic and environmental issues. The book aims to demystify the common belief that a sustainable approach can only be delivered by narrowing the aesthetic and construction options available to the designer and client.

Buy online at (£15 plus P&P).

Targeting Zero: Embodied and Whole Life Carbon Explained

Simon Sturgis

This book from Simon Sturgis (Managing Director of ASBP member Sturgis Carbon Profiling) is an accessible and friendly read, introducing and explaining many of the concepts around Embodied and Whole Life Carbon, using case studies taken from in-depth research. It demonstrates how architects can become central to the carbon resource impacts of the buildings they design and how low carbon approaches should drive innovation.

Buy online at (£35 plus P&P).

The Re-Use Atlas: A Designer’s Guide Towards a Circular Economy

Duncan Baker-Brown

The purpose of this book from Duncan Baker-Brown (BBM Sustainable Design, University of Brighton) is to show designers how they can successfully navigate and exploit the emerging field of resource management and the circular economy. It features over 25 detailed case studies from the worlds of product design, interior architecture, architecture, urban design, textile and fashion design.

Buy online at (£35 plus P&P).

The Modern Timber House in the UK

Peter Wilson

Commissioned by ASBP Founder member Wood for Good in collaboration with the Forestry Commission Scotland and written by architect and timber building expert Peter Wilson, this book looks at timber housing over the last 10 years and explores key issues around affordability, finance, planning and sustainability. It features case studies showcasing how timber products are used to deliver new forms of housing to very high standards of construction, energy efficiency and environmental responsiveness.

Buy via Wood for Good by emailing (£35 plus P&P). A free e-book version will be available to download at from January 2018.


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