ASBP influences critical Environmental Audit Committee report

The highly anticipated Environmental Audit Committee report “Building to net zero: costing carbon in construction” was released on 26th May. ASBP was mentioned 8 times, as well as additional references to ASBP board members. The response, submitted in 2021, was deemed particularly strong and ASBP board member and life cycle analysis expert Jane Anderson appeared before the committee to give oral evidence.

The 8 references to ASBP in the report included:

  • Its position on Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
  • Use of natural materials in the industry
  • Support for a clear timeline of adoption of WLC assesments
  • Support for adoption of RICS methodology that reccomends that the government monitor embodied carbon and lead with mandatory reporting and reduction through its own procurement

The ASBP firmly supports the position of the Environmental Audit Committee in its efforts to push for immediate and meaningful action to address the challenge of net zero in construction.  The report rightly identifies the need to introduce incentives to develop the use of low-carbon building products and to greatly increase sources and demand for home-grown materials such as timber.  Mandating whole life carbon assessments, funding for improved WLC methodologies and addressing issues around PDRs represent a significant step in the right direction.  Everything discussed within the report will rapidly become meaningless without swift and urgent action.” – Mark Lynn, Vice Chair, ASBP

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