ASBP discuss role of products in delivering healthy buildings

Simon Corbey, Associate Director and Gary Newman, Executive Chair of the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products discuss the role of products in the successful delivery of healthy buildings for a recent CIRIA Briefing.

Product selection is just one component of an extensive matrix, needed to ensure a healthy built environment. This matrix includes occupant behaviour, acoustics, ventilation, daylighting and lighting, thermal comfort, external air quality, humidity and the passage of moisture.

The EEA (2013) concludes that:

[quote author=”” source=””]“The complexity of indoor pollution sources, health effects pathways and the multitude of parties responsible for generating and controlling indoor air pollution, suggest measures to improve IAQ, need to be part of a comprehensive management strategy, taking account of climate and outdoor air quality, building materials and technologies, behaviour patterns, as well as energy and sustainability policies”[/quote]

The ASBP believe that viewing the built environment through the prism of human health is an important focus for the construction industry. Products have a key role to play, but there is an urgent need for more evidence based studies, product testing and design tools to support good decision making.

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The role of products in delivering healthy buildings is the focus of our inaugural Healthy Buildings Conference and Expo taking place on February 15th at UCL, London.

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