Digital platforms and physical hubs for reuse products​

This list is for information only and due diligence should be undertaken before engaging with any organisation.

Goods generally ‘for sale’ but sometimes available for free

  • Enfield Excess Materials Exchange – For the partners, contractors and consultants of the London Borough of Enfield to pilot an innovative approach to the reuse of materials and to facilitate connections between ‘donor’ and ‘recipient’ construction projects (partnership with Excess Materials Exchange)
  • Globechain – Online reuse marketplace with ESG data offer, connecting enterprises with non-profits, small businesses and people to redistribute unneeded items.
  • Enviromate – Free and cheap building materials for construction or DIY projects.
  • WARP IT – Find, give away, or loan office furniture, equipment and other resources.
  • Reyooz – Premium office furniture and equipment from corporate clearances including carbon labelling.
  • Material Reuse Portal (ReLondon Circuit project) – Material Reuse Portal bringing together construction materials from multiple marketplaces to create a single place where reusable materials can be found.
  • HTS Stockmatcher – A free to use selection tool built to assist procurement of reclaimed steel for use in new construction projects.
  • Circuland (under construction) – Create Materials Passports for new and existing Developments; Easily access robust data for the Materials Stock in the UK; and Connect supply and demand for re-used materials
  • Circotrade – Trading platform to facilitate and unlock the future value of building’s materials.
  • Recolight – Platform to promote the donation of new and used lighting products and equipment.
  • Traco – Clearance, storage and relocation services from one source, enabling goods to remain in use for longer by selling quality used assets.
  • Envirocycle London – Diverts post-consumer carpet tiles from landfill to reuse. After recovery & grading, carpet tiles are then supplied to charities, schools, businesses, contractors & the public for reuse.
  • Renee Materials – digital hub for creatives, makers and designers in London with materials sourced from across all sectors. 

  • Ebay – Buy and sell construction materials.
  • Sustainability Yard – The app connects those with surplus to those in need, turning potential waste into valuable resources.
  • Coggin – Buy, refurbish or clear used office furniture cost effectively and sustainably.

Goods generally ‘for sale’ but sometimes available for free

  • Restado –  German based marketplace matching construction materials coming from demolition or oversupply with the demand in new construction projects.

  • Concular – German based digital platform enabling the recirculation of construction materials.

  • REsign – Italian based company app matching up supply and demand for reclaimed construction materials.

  • Werflink – Netherlands/Belgium based marketplacee to swap, sell and share construction equipment, building materials, storage, and freight space with each other.

  • CMEx– Ireland based digital platform that connects organisations with each other so that they can exchange or trade excess construction materials between them.
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