Reuse Now Webinar: Unlocking the value of building stock – Pre-Demolition Audits


On Wednesday 6th June 2024 this event explored current standards for pre-demolition audits and scope for harmonisation across Europe and is part of ASBP’s Reuse Now Campaign.

There are a growing number of tools and processes aiming to make construction more ‘circular’. With our Reuse Now campaign, we recently hosted webinars on Materials Reuse Digital Platforms and Materials Passports. Its becoming clear that whilst some progress is being made, there are issues and challenges that need to be addressed, including storage and logistics.

Pre-demolition audits are another growing area of opportunity and that can have a pivotal role in enabling materials reuse. These audits provide crucial insights into the materials and components emerging from building deconstruction, paving the way for sustainable end-of-life scenarios such as reuse, repurposing, and upcycling.

For this session we were joined by industry experts exploring the significance of pre-demolition (and pre-refurbishment) audits. From the regulatory landscape to innovative design guidance, we’ll navigate the policies and methodologies driving this transformative practice. Drawing from best practices and compelling case studies, we’ll discover the tangible benefits reaped from successful audits. It’s time to unlock the full potential of our existing building stock and propel the circular economy forward!


Speaker timings and presentation downloads

00:00:00 Welcome – Debbie Ward, ASBP

00:06:50 Improving and advancing pre-demolition audits – Gilli Hobbs, Director Reusefully, and chair of BSI mirror committee to CEN/TC 350/SC 1 – Circular Economy in the Construction Sector

Download presentation – Gilli Hobbs

00:24:28 National requirements for pre -demolition audits in France – PEMD – Elodie Mace, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment

Download presentation – Elodie Mace

00:41:00 The experience of pre-demolition audits in Germany and wider – Julis Schaufele, Concular

Download presentation – Julius Shaufele

00:55:05 A UK perspective of pre-demolition audits – Rob Smith, Material Index

Download presentation – Rob Smith

01:11:37 Q&A

Insights from British Land

We were also delighted to be on a call with Emily Samoluk, Sustainability Manager at British Land, who shared insights on the topic with ASBP with a presentation adn Q&A from the team.


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