Ecological Building Systems: Optimising Indoor Air Quality (walk-in CPD at NSBRC, Swindon)

Date: Thursday 29th August 2024   Time: 13:00 - 14:00   Location: Swindon

Join Ecological Building Systems at the BSBRC, Swindon for a ‘walk-in’ CPD on Optimising Indoor Air Quality with Inventer Decentralised Ventilation Systems.

We spend much of our time indoors, therefore the quality of our indoor environment is hugely important. Factors such as moulds, dust, allergens, indoor formaldehydes & VOCs commonly found in indoor air can affect human health & wellbeing. A well-planned ventilation system can ensure the air quality in our buildings meet the requirements necessary for a healthy indoor environment. Decentralised Ventilation with Heat Recovery provides a simple solution to achieve a healthy indoor environment with minimal disruption during installation.

Details and booking information about this CPD, and all their training events, on the Ecological Building Systems website.

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