Self Sustaining Building

Self-Sustaining Building (SSB) is the practice of building structures, communities and lifestyles that have the lowest environmental impacts. At the same time they offer the best:

  • affordability
  • performance and
  • health

benefits for people, communities and nature.

Self-Sustaining Building (SSB) follows circular economy, building biology and best environmental certification criteria for materials and products. The best affordable, healthy and comfortable conceptual plans are provided to allow you to design your project or to  upgrade your property.

Worldwide there is a multitude of good SSB practices in structures, technologies and lifestyles. It is the well thought out integration of these factors, most appropriate for the location, that achieves self-sustainability.

By adopting SSB practices for both new and retrofit buildings, individuals, organisations and nations achieve the best sustainable economic progress without adding to planetary degradation. That is the aim of The Self Sustaining Building Programme.