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Plastic has changed our everyday lives; we use plastics in some form every day to make our lives easier and simple. However, waste plastic is also the cause of one of our biggest environmental problems.

Suscons has a dual approach to solving this problem, firstly to minimise or substitute the use of plastic and secondly to safely reuse or recycle plastic to avoid disposal.

Designing a product for re-use or re-cycling can have significant reductions in CO2 while also supporting the circular economy. One example is innovative insulation materials.

Suscons carries out enhanced research and testing by approved bodies to ensure our products are of the highest building performance, energy-efficient and to ensure they meet all relevant standards.

Suscons approach aims to avoid waste plastics getting into the eco-system by re-cycling and re-using plastic in an ethical, transparent way and by encouraging others to think similarly and share knowledge and collaborate to succeed.

Susocons social values go beyond local communities and environmental needs. Our think-tank team of innovative mindsets can bring a much needed positive impact not only on the environment but also wellbeing of human life, by bringing biodiversity, environment and community together and creating an impact by changing people’s lives.

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