Straw Works

STRAW WORKS is led by Barbara Jones & Eileen Sutherland

Barbara and her team of Associates have created many beautiful and durable residential and commercial buildings using straw bales and natural materials.  Collectively they have been involved in some capacity with more than 300 buildings in the UK and Europe, ranging from tiny garden buildings to the UK’s largest straw bale building to date.

STRAW WORKS services include:

·        Full architectural design and planning

·        Consultancy on Strawbale projects and building regulations

·        Training in Strawbale building and natural plastering

STRAW WORKS builds on many years of extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge within the field of strawbale building. They provide exceptional services for self-builders and contractors. Just ask for testimonials!

TRAINING – We have a brand new training programme this year, with old favourites like the ‘First Straw’ as well as many new and exciting courses.

STRAW WORKS is based in Todmorden (UK) and works Europe-wide, including the UK, Guernsey, Crete, Germany and Italy.

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