Materials in Mind

Materials in Mind was founded out of a desire to increase awareness and uptake of more sustainable building materials, products and approaches. Opportunities to share great practice, motivate others through demonstration and generally raise awareness are frequently missed. We work with manufacturers to co-promote friendlier, healthier products and where possible link this to live projects. We use hoardings and other media to tell stories, smash misconceptions and shout about the big and small wins on site and in our supply chains. We also work directly with clients and developers to create campaigns and build practice that supports a more conscious brand or business, exploring ways to: build in circular economy practices, communicate good news and innovation, utilise site based material processing to create new products for use or sale, think outside the box.

Our practice sits between art and environmental education. We specialise in bringing creative thinking and problem solving into your workplace and delivering a range of technical and experiential outputs.

Our mission is to make publicly available the wealth of knowledge and experience across the construction and related industries, in building places that are friendly to the local environment, healthy and comfortable to be in and has minimal impact on the places, people and the atmosphere.

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