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What’s easy about fixing roof tiles? It’s a good question and in truth, until now the answer has been ‘not much'.

As a company, we wanted to change that.

Our MD, Trevor Wakefield, has been involved in the roofing industry at many levels since the early 1980s. In that time he has seen the results of many a cowboy builder. He has also seen the results of many well-meaning, experienced self-builders who have bravely attempted to put a roof on their house, garage or outbuilding without realising just what they had taken on.

The result is all too often a roof that has taken an age to lay, does not keep out the elements and may not even be the right tile for the slope or type of building.

Whilst on holiday in 2008 Trevor had a ‘eureka’ moment that combined his two key interests – roofing and the environment. It combined the interlocking qualities of a concrete tile with the flexibility of recycled plastic.

It was a product that had everything needed from a tile – very long-lasting, lightweight, low pitch, easy to cut and lay and suitable for virtually all types of roof. At the same time, it was created from waste plastic products and at the end of its long life, it could once again be recycled.

Amazed that it hadn’t already been thought of before, Trevor devoted his time and energy to developing the idea.

The result has been a range of roofing products that make it possible for almost anyone with basic DIY skills to quickly, efficiently and safely lay a roof.

After extensive testing, refining and innovation a full range of tiles and ridge products are now available.

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