Econovate has developed an award winning sustainable low carbon material that plans to position itself at a worldwide scale. The vision is to take a share of the low carbon building materials value chain by using low-grade waste paper and cardboard, diverted from landfills to create superior construction products. Our current product “econoblok” uniquely combines technologies from different industries to manufacture fibre-cellulose based breeze block, engineered to achieve enhanced thermal and acoustic specifications in an affordable and high performing structural block all rolled into one product. Our current objective is to set up a semi-automatic demonstration plant allowing us to gain certification of the product. The certification of the product and production process will allow us to enter the market by showing the technology to potential customers by supplying blocks for exemplar buildings. We are entering a new era within the construction industry of sustainable products which will need to achieve the new building regulations in most developed countries to address the reduction of CO2 emissions. The code for sustainable homes ( in UK) and LEED in many other countries will require developers and builders to achieving a higher standard of construction specifically focusing on the thermal performance of the envelope of buildings. Current technology cannot achieve the highest levels without losing living space and increasing up to 40% construction costs. We would offer a sustainable product at current breeze blocks price; a well known technology that will achieve the highest level of regulation without increasing the width of a current wall and without increasing building cost.

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