Bilska de Beaupuy

We are an architectural and design studio. We designs spaces for the purpose of connecting people with themselves and the universe. Our buildings and interiors are designed to nurture daily journeys, may it be to rest, contemplate, work, play or create. Our values are holistic design, quality in materials and design, and focus on beauty. In our work we explore the soul and spirit of places and design for atmospheres and stories.

Our design process is focussed on how people ‘feel’ in a space. We design spaces to nourish people’s cultural, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. We use elements of design such as building materials, colours, proportions of space, language of form along with design intentions meaningful to the client, the local site and nature.

Every surface in a building or interior has a functionality and a relationship with the inhabitant and the environment. For all our projects, we focus on using only non-toxic building materials and create healthy indoor climate. We integrate sustainable technologies to positively impact the environment, air quality, as well as quality of water and soil. We apply philosophies such as Cradle to Cradle (C2C) and Circular Economy to ensure that all elements can be easily reused, recycled or safely disposed.

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