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Akustak® is a patent protected, acoustic modular wall system.

Designed for materials optimisation and off-site construction, Akustak® minimises waste, during manufacture and installation, whilst its unique demountable form, facilitates recovery and reuse, at the point of deconstruction.

Laboratory tested for fire safety and resistance to sound, Akustak® guarantees Building Regulations – Part B and E compliance.

Prefabricated and portable, Akustak® radically reduces construction timescales, with configurations installed from 15 m2 / per hour, ready for plastering and/or decoration, whilst the Forest and Chroma range come pre-finished; eliminating the need for wet trades.

Akustak® modules come in standardised dimensions and are formed, entirely, of parts ‘dimensionally coordinated’ with universal sheet/slab sizes. As such, the product lends itself perfectly to mass production. This capacity is further supported by two fully equipped, UK-based production lines and in-house software, which enables rapid calculation of module quantities and dimensions, based on overall wall heights and widths.

Additionally, Akustak® is patent protected within the UK, preventing dilution of market share from copycat manufacturers and suppliers, whilst the option to expand through licensing could be pursued for more rapid growth.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

Akustak® was designed and developed in direct response to the excessive levels of waste, present within the construction industry.

Innovate UK recently published a statistic, claiming that 13% of all materials delivered to construction sites, end up in landfill, without ever being used.

It is well documented, across the construction industry, that good modular design has the capacity to substantively address this problem.

Becoming a member of the ASBP provides two crucial opportunities:

  1. Engaging with and learning from an internationally respected association, that’s driving the sustainability agenda within our sector, and, in so doing, ensuring that Akustak® adapts and develops accordingly.
  2. Introducing Akustak® to a potential client base, that’s receptive to updating archaic and innately wasteful construction methodologies.
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