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Akustak®, by Mute Group, is a patent protected, Building Regulations – Part E compliant, acoustic modular wall system. Prefabricated and portable, it transforms interior wall construction into a rapid process of assembly; approximately 15 to 20 m2 / per hour, whilst delivering outstanding airborne sound insulation performance.

Designed for materials optimisation and off-site construction, Akustak® eliminates over-ordering and expendable off-cuts, during manufacture and installation. Moreover, it’s unique demountable form, facilitates recovery and reuse, at the point of deconstruction.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

Akustak®, a Building Regulations – Part E compliant, acoustic modular wall system, was designed and developed in direct response to the inexcusable levels of waste, present within the construction industry.

Innovate UK recently published a statistic, claiming that 13% of all materials delivered to construction sites, end up in landfill, without ever being used.

It is well documented, across the construction industry, that good modular design has the capacity to substantively address this problem.

Becoming a member of the ASBP represents a genuine opportunity to present and promote Akustak® to an audience that is actively making a difference.

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