David Evans MBE

At 69, Evans, a very successful entrepreneur is devoting his time and considerable wealth to creating services for the general public good.  “I have had the extreme pleasure of creating one multi-national business, The Grass Roots Group PLC and can put the expertise gained over three decades to helping resolve issues I feel are important”.

Born in war-torn Rotherhithe but benefitting from a supportive family gained excellent graduate and part graduate education.  Honed his business understanding in advertising, manufacturing and business services before embarking on his own enterprise in 1980.

Grass Roots was grown to the largest performance improvement company in Europe and with a business footprint across the globe from China to the Americas.  Just before his 69th birthday he agreed the sale of his group and far from resting on his laurels has embarked on new socially good enterprises in energy conservation, public health and education.

The House Doctor programme has been two years in the making and can best be described as a service dedicated to improving the health environment of domestic homes.  “In my estimation 14 million homes in the UK are environments, which can spawn clinical disorders or cause their exacerbation.  Awareness and self-help are the keys to curing this nationwide malady”.

Evans was made MBE in 2008 for series to corporate social responsibility, the first to have this citation as a single honour.


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