Intelligent Membranes

As founding stories go, Intelligent Membranes fits the customary mould: hard work, passion and perseverance have equalled powerful results. Not just profitable results but world-changing, environmentally beneficial results.

Founded and operated by brothers Adam and Alex White, Intelligent Membranes was developed to solve problems they faced as eco-conscious builders. Timber and framing through their business White Haus could solve part of the problem – reducing energy costs and consumption requirements – but airtight solutions had to be better, had to be able to be applied faster and needed to truly stack up to reduce energy requirements, saving money and carbon footprint.

Today, Intelligent Membranes are world-leading liquid membrane suppliers and installers. Their products, Passive Purple, Passive Purple External and Intelligent Windows, are Passivhaus certified. A builder’s best friend, must-have-on-site-support to reach peak airtightness.

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