Graphenstone; CO2 absorbing, VOC free, Mineral Paints with Graphene. The world's most certified, sustainable paint company.

Graphenstone manufactures 100% natural, mineral, VOC free (<0.01%) paints and primers for all areas using 'Graphene' technology, which improves adherence, elasticity and reduces cracking, providing unique durability to minimise the need for repainting.

The pure lime range acts as a significant absorber of CO2; a 15-litre pot sequesters over 5 kilos of CO2, so three pots absorb a similar amount of carbon over a period, similar to a 250KG tree. Free from VOCs, biocides, plasticisers and toxic substances, Graphenstone paints offer the ultimate sustainable profile.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

There are many synergies between ASBP and Graphenstone, with respect to ethos, sustainability objectives and natural harm-free materials.  ASBP was an obvious forum for Graphenstone since it provides information to it’s range of members and contacts, to ensure that the wider choice of modern technologies, like graphene, fused with natural minerals trusted for millennia, could be made available to a wider audience.

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