Intelligent Membranes

Intelligent Membranes are leading liquid membrane suppliers and installers. Our products are BBA Approved, Passivhaus certified, VOC free, recyclable, biodegradable and all work towards a net-zero emissions future.

Our Products include:
• Passive Purple – Our famous Passive Purple is an intelligent liquid vapour control. It can reach 0.03ach on any substrate it’s adhered to. BBA certified and Passivhaus certified
• Passive Purple External – External facade UV and waterproofing
• Intelligent Protect – 24 Month Window Protection
• Phuck OFF – HiVis colour providing window & facade protection
• Surface Pro – Our natural latex internal protection

We also have Intelligent Windows Club - Artemis is our Passivhaus Certified range of windows and doors

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The organisations incredible past and continued promotion and contribution to sustainable building materials.

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