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Construction Carbon was born out of a frustration at the real estate industry’s failure to lower carbon emissions from construction. The construction process alone accounts for 11% of global carbon emissions and currently the journey to net zero is not standardised or accessible for most developers.

At the core of the concerns were some of the following issues:

  • Construction never changes. Asset values don’t reflect carbon efficiency.
  • No-one sees the carbon emitting, energy consuming hogs that are built and traded for higher and higher sums.
  • There should be a carbon score for construction and a carbon score for operation that a 6-year-old can understand: a ‘C’ should be worth less, an A, worth more.

Today Construction Carbon offers the industry’s most accessible net zero verification process for Construction, providing a simple, credible and standardised process for assessing, reducing and offsetting the embodied carbon of construction projects globally.

The company works with developers and financiers of all shapes and sizes to reduce the carbon humans have caused to the environment through construction.

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