Anthropocene Projects C.I.C

Our cross-disciplinary, collaborative projects are intended to build climate literacy. We facilitate workshops and provide consultancy services that promote understanding of the climate crisis to those working within the built environment. We work to highlight our personal and professional impact, then facilitate behavioural changes that will help create a more regenerative built environment.

We are constantly innovating, developing new services and projects. All of our work is designed to foster relationships, share and connect a wider network focussed on creating a better built environment.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

We firmly believe the construction industry can transition from being an extractive, polluter to a regenerative store of our cultural and material heritage. Buildings and infrastructure are vital in protecting and enriching our lives but cannot continue to be built, operated and demolished in the current manner.

Collaboration is vital to tackle the challenges we face today and the ASBP includes some of the best in the industry, the fantastic events and work they do encouraged us to become a member and work with them more closely.

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