Graham Hilton

Building on a career that spanned senior roles in the energy and agricultural sectors, Graham has contributed to the development of a number of UK and European policies on renewable energy and sustainability.

As a former oil trader in London, Houston and Texas, Graham applied the many commercial and logistics lessons to the UK animal feed market, where he established and grew Prime Molasses. After the sale of Prime to German commodity house Peter Cremer Gmbh he served on the board of several renewable energy supply companies, including Green Spirit Fuels and Flex Fuels Energy, and founded what is now the UKs largest national biomass distributor, Forever Fuels. Graham is a former chair of the Environmental Industries Commission RTF group, author of the original UK biofuels legislation (with the late Lord Carter) and has advised a range of public sector organisations from local authorities to HM Treasury on the best deployment of renewable energy and safeguards for its sustainability.

Graham became involved in the construction sector, after working on the initial concepts around the new Eco-town in St Austell and is the Chairman of renewable roofing development company Ecobond Cymru.


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