Susan Harris

Susan has a strong academic background with a BSc in Environmental Chemistry and a year spent lecturing in Environmental Management, Biology and Ecology.  However, it is her experience in the industry that has brought her recognition as an effective sustainability consultant.

SRS Sustainable Business’ current projects are involved with various areas of promoting sustainability.  They include incorporating sustainability into the procurement of construction and refurbishment works of the Natural History Museum, Three Rivers District Council in Hertfordshire and Whitehill Bordon Ecotown.

In addition, SRS is involved with developing training for sustainable procurement in the public sector for EPOW (European Pathway to Zero Waste) in accordance with the National Sustainable Public Procurement (NSPP) strategy.  Susan has also been working with WRAP to develop sustainability training module for the European Institute of Golf Course Architects. This promoted the awareness for designers to use sustainable materials and take a ‘closed loop’, whole-life approach to design.